Alta Delta Carmenere, Kosher for Passover

100% Carmenere

Alta Delta Carmenere, Kosher for Passover


Curico Valley, Chile – The Carmenere grape is a wine grape variety originally planted in Bordeaux, France where it was used to produce deep red wines and occasionally used for blending purposes.  It has since found a particularly suitable home in Chile! Alta Delta Carmenere is a young wine and ruby red in color with blue hues.  It offers aromas typical of the variety;  smokey, spicy and earthy.  You’ll also detect subtle hints of green pepper, cocoa and eucalyptus.  This dry red wine is a throwback to its Bordeaux roots with lower levels of acidity and fairly well-established tannins.

Pair with:  lamb with mint, lean grilled meats with savory sauces, bold salsas and pesto.


GRAPE VARIETAL: 100% Carmenere
PRODUCER: Alta Delta