Republic of Georgia

Georgia is the birthplace of wine and is home to a unique winemaking tradition that has survived for over 6,500 years. Grapes are crushed, then fermented skin-on for several months in buried earthenware vessels called qvevri. Prolonged contact with the skins produces wines that are rich in tannins, which lend depth and dryness, plus great stability and structure.



Organic  Reserve Red Semisweet - 12% Alc

Made with ALEKSANDROULI and MUDJURETULI late harvest grapes, from the slopes of the Rioni Canyon.   Deep ruby color, aromatic nose, taste of pomegranate and cherry - Considered the “pearl” among Georgian wines. 

*Pairs well with fresh fruit, fruit salads, light cheeses and desserts.

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Organic Reserve Red Semisweet 12% Alc

Made from a proprietary red blend of grapes only known by the producers, Grammy Collection         

*Pairs well with fruits, desserts and nuts.

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Reserve Red Semisweet    12% Alc 

Made from SAPERAVI grapes,  it’s one of the best, well-known wines in the region. A juicy wine with structure and finesse. Aromas of crushed petals, violets, plums and wild berries.  Firm fruits on the pallet lead to a silky finish with balanced tanins.   

*Pairs well with spicy duck, blue cheese, and fresh fruits.

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- Organic  Reserve Red Semisweet   12% Alc 

Made from SAPERAVI grapes grown in the Kakheti region of Georgia. This grape is very sweet and has a dark pomegranate color.  Sweet cherry and black plum aromas prevail.  Velvety and well balanced.    

*Pairs well with chocolate desserts and spicey molé sauces.

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- Dry Amber Wine   13.5% Alc 

Excellent wine from Eastern Georgia.  Made with KISI grapes in KVERI clay vessels, a unique ancient Kakhetian method which has been used for 8 thousand years and the tradition continues today.

*Pairs well with fish and seafood, and with roasted meat

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Premium Choices LIMITED EDITION Georgian Royal Wines



- SAPERAVI grape 100%, 11.5% Alc

Red semisweet, from the micro region of Kvareli. Garnet red color, balanced, smooth, cherry and pomegranate, with no taste of alcohol. Very light on the palate.   

*Pair with fruits, chocolate and mild cheeses   

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- 50% Aleksandrouli and 50% Mudjuretuli, 11.5% Alc

From the Racha Region. Balanced and smooth red semisweet with hints of chocolate mild violet, and finishes with mild smokiness and black pepper.  

* Pair with fruits, chocolate and desserts.   Rich, Robust and Regal!  

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