Dingač. The first place in Croatia to be recognized, in 1961, as an appellation with “Protected Geographical Origin". The autochthonous variety Plavac Mali has been producing the best wines for centuries. From these vineyards you can view the island of Mljet, and you can sense Dubrovnik close by, with the deep blue sea on the horizon, undulating all the way to Italy.

It is as if you are observing the path that Plavac Mali’s “ancestor“ had traversed, coming to Italy as Primitivo, only to set forth over the Atlantic to become Zinfandel. Dingač has its own particular path, carved through the mountain by the winegrowers, linking the vineyards to the port of Trstenik. From here, the first wines left for Europe. Dingač has always been the authentic heart of Croatian winemaking.