JIDVEI- Sauvignon Blanc 12% ALC

Sauvignon Blanc

JIDVEI- Sauvignon Blanc 12% ALC

Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine grape variety that is most often used to produce dry white wines. Light and refreshing, it’s unique in that its flavor sets it apart from most other white wine grape varieties. Although climate and terroir for Sauvignon grown throughout the world can have a huge impact on flavor, there are some general commonalities. Sauvignon Blanc tasting notes are most commonly associated with tropical, tree, and citrus fruit. Specifically, flavor nuances of dates, papaya, melon, and notes of herbs or dry underbrush are most present when the wine comes from a cooler climate.

Testing notes: dry white wine, flavors, strong, grassy, herbal, citrus (particularly grapefruit) tastes

Sauvignon Blanc JIDVEI 0,750 lit
Wine colour White
Density at 20ºC – 0.9934
Alcohol content % vol – 12.0
Total acidity g/La acid tartric 7.11
Volatile acidity g/La 0.29
Total sulphure dioxide mg/L 122
Free sulphure dioxide mg/L 45
Total extract content g/L 24.20
Reduced extract content g/L 18.20
Sugar contents g/L 6.00

GRAPE VARIETAL: Sauvignon Blanc